Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Final Dinghy Adventure

To keep with tradition, Bela and Dan decided to do their last dinghy adventure at high noon in the tropics. After 2,000 miles of sailing, a 1 mile dinghy ride and a 2 mile hike up an unshaded blistering road they finally reached the eastern most point of the United States. Mission Accomplished!

 The start of the walk brought us by one of the SETI radio antennas. "ET phone St. Croix."

 Point Udall off in the distance (further than I thought)

 Some Americans showing they're thoughts about driving on the left using their second amendment rights. 

 Looking west over St. Croix

 Isabela wondering what the hell I was thinking, my bad!

She found a sliver of shade under the monument which smelled of urine. The Blarney Stone of the United States?

 Next US territory from here is Guam in the Pacific

 Buck Range Light

 Making it official with this picture

 Had to take a beach break to cool off on the way back

Some jibber jabber about the monument; azimuths, roman numerals, shadows etc. If i wasn't suffering from heat stroke I might have gotten a picture at local apparent noon.

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