Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sarah get's hauled

After shopping around for a boatyard to store Sarah during hurricane season, we landed on St. Croix marine. It would be difficult (or impossible) to fly Bela back from the British Virgin Islands, so St. Croix being US territory seemed like a reasonable option. I didn't have to be put on a waiting list and being on the north side of a larger island with a protected reef, it would provide some protection if a storm blew through. After getting hauled out we spent 4 nights at the boatyard getting her ready for 4 months on the hard. Here is a list of what we did to prepare:

-Bagged all fabrics/books to prevent molding
-Took measurements for future projects (New head, Engine Mounts, Soundproofing)
-Fogged the outboard and diesel engine
-Stabilized the fuel
-Ran antifreeze through the engine (for anticorrosion purposes)
-Drained and bleached water tanks
-Removed and folded sails
-Cleaned and dried Tater Tot
-Removed dodger and halyards
-Cleaned/defrosted fridge
-Threw out useless stuff we had on the boat
-Removed all food items from storage and stored in a rubbermaid bin
-Cleaned and dried bilge/anchor locker
-Removed rusty anchor
-Locked up everything

 Getting the straps in place. I had to remove the backstay so it didn't come in contact with the lift. Luckily the wind generator could stay where it was.

Finally! Out of the water for the first time in a year, look at the bottom on Sarah!

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