Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Last Sail!

Our final leg of the trip was a downwind sail 10 miles from St. Croix Yacht Club to Christiansted. After sailing and motorsailing to windward since leaving Luperon, it was an awesome feeling to let the main and jib sheets all the way out and feel the wind at our backs. To make it even better we were greeted with a half dozen turtles during the sail, one of which was 4 ft long! 

 The helm detail decided to dress in black for the occasion

 After opening the jib to speed out of the yacht club (to make it look like we knew what we were doing) we furled it up and sailed under the mainsail alone. 

One final picture of Buck island across the reef

 St. Croix was a great place to cruise around and we're planning to check out more of the island when we get back!

As luck would have it, Wes on Sea Angel, had a friend in St. Croix who picked us up, showed us around the island, introduced us to friends, and brought us to a hilarious beach volleyball game. We found it refreshing after sailing so many miles to land in such a nice island with so many friendly people. Thanks for the hospitality!

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