Monday, May 25, 2015

Culebrita - The Baths and Beyond

One of the attractions at Culebrita is the baths. A pool amidst boulders where waves come crashing through a narrow cut in the rocks. Bela and I took a walk up the hill past the baths to investigate what other natural jacuzzis we could find. 

 Bela, looking for a way down. She could have made it… I on the other hand decided to turn around.

 The Jacuzzi below was a little gnarly to be wading in

 Beautiful landscape… difficult footing

  Culebra to the left and Cayo Norte to the right

 Could have stayed there forever if we had enough water.

 Boulder Cut

 Isabela figuring out how to get down

 Luckily these massive rocks were pretty well wedged in

In a million years there will be another bath to visit

Mark my words, next time I'm in Culebrita I'll be swimming in that pool below

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