Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Buck Island

After a bunch of days anchored off of Water Island (not sure how many) it was time to move on… We met our friends in St. Thomas after last seeing them in Boqueron, Puerto Rico. We planned to head to Buck island to do some exploring. Being right off the major port, Buck island is a popular destination for day charters from the cruise ships. After checking the cruise schedule finding no ships in town for a few days we decided to head out there.  It was basically deserted except for a day charter here and there, so we had the place to ourselves.

 Bye St. Thomas, Thanks for the cheap Crown Royal!

 Ixion at anchor in Buck harbor

 Very Hitchcock'esque… it reminded us of our first stop in Boston with our friends Tom and Cynthia on Middle Brewster

3 boats, 2 Dogs vs. thousands of birds

Old meets new…

Had to watch our step with these things in the grass

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